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Caution! This malware will steal your money!

The most leading crypto wallets out there do not have a solution for this problem and their users might or have already suffered from malware which that caused them to lose funds.

Recently, the web is steaming about a new clipper malware discovered on Google Play that targets cryptocurrency wallets see here and here.

The malware detects cryptocurrency addresses and replaces them with the attacker’s address. This which in turn leads to a fertile ground for crypto thieves.

As a blockchain cybersecurity company, this doesn’t really come as “news.”

When we founded Kesem.io, we’d already tested this exact malware on the most leading crypto wallets available and was shocked to discover the results.

All of them were vulnerable to the malware leaving their users exposed to theft.

Putting aside web-based wallets, all of which suffer from it, these are some of the more familiar mobile wallets that are vulnerable to it:

Jaxx, BRD, Blockchain Info, Mycelium and more

As part of our technology stack, we developed a countermeasure against this malicious malware that alerts users in case of clipboard hijacking attempts and blocks transactions from happening.

Here are some guidelines and tips to help users check if their wallet is safe:

★ Take a quick test: Copy an address of a receiver and paste it to

your wallet. Now, check to see if the address is the same or not.

If not, it’s probably best to transfer your funds to a safer wallet.

★ Pin code is not enough!!! Wallets without a password are highly

exposed to breaches. Choose a secure password with a minimum

of 8 characters, choose numbers, lowercase letters, CAPS letters,

and a numeric.

★ Add a screen lock to your mobile so that no outsider will see

your wallet in public places.

★ Make sure you use a multi-signature wallet (check if your bitcoin

address starts with a 3). This type of wallet will protect your

funds in case your backup phrase has been stolen.

And remember: It is better to be safe than sorry!

Kesem.io is a cybersecurity blockchain company founded in January 2018.

The company specializes in security for blockchain and has built an infrastructure to protect wallets and transactions of blockchain assets.

The company has launched a new type of hardware wallet that functions as a mobile App and implements within an innovative system of layers of defense against fraud and theft.

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